I started Room to Flourish after helping friends and family members declutter and organise their living space, noticing that this process seemed to encourage new habits and behaviours as well as freeing up space and improving the appearance of their homes.

Having worked in interior design at the beginning of my career, I understand the importance of having a home which is both functional and pleasing to be in. Whilst my personal preference is towards a more minimalist look, I do appreciate this is not for everybody and I am sensitive to other people’s preferences and tastes. My focus is on helping you to assess what items are important to you and those which no longer serve you in a non-judgemental manner, leaving you with those items which you love and support your lifestyle in a home which promotes a feeling of calm and wellbeing.

I have also had experience of working as a PA to senior management in university and small business settings, events organisation and setting up administrative systems. I understand the importance of putting systems in place that are appropriate for a small business, but capable of coping as the business expands.

If you think I could be of help, please contact me for an initial free fifteen-minute consultation.

Room to Flourish